Affiliate Marketing Advertising Tips You Need To Know

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affiliate marketing advertising tipsThere are some affiliate marketing advertising tips you need to know about in order to keep you from getting into hot water with the FTC and maximize your net salaries.

Some of the highest paying net salaries on the Internet are earned by affiliate marketing gurus who consistently earn six figure incomes.

The affiliate marketing business model is attractive to newcomers and seasoned promoters because of it’s simplicity and high profit potential.

Earning commissions on affiliate products you sell eliminates the burden of warehousing an inventory, shipping a product, billing and customer service after the fact.

Your sales are tracked through an affiliate code and when the products or services are sold, you receive a commission from the owner of the product creator.

Although many people believe that affiliate marketing online is strictly for downloadable digital products, many physical products are also sold on the Internet by affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketers promote their products using a variety of strategies; some of which have come under more intense scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

In addition to affiliate marketing advertising tips you need to know about, there are some specific FTC rules and regulations which have been in place since 2009, which directly affects online affiliate marketer advertising, but were not being enforced.

The main crackdown applies to deceptive marketing practices and more specifically on how banner advertisements are used on websites.

Internet marketers commonly use testimonials and banner advertising to promote affiliate products.

You have probably seen the “hype” banners that promise “losing 60 pounds …” using some “secret” diet or herbal supplement or those that promise to “make up to xxx dollars annually by ….” working from home.

These type banners are often geographically targeted to specific areas of the country by using the ISP of the Internet service provider.

For instance:

“Atlanta Work From Home Mom Makes XXX Dollars With …..” or “New York Businessman
Weighed 195 pounds Until He Started Using ….”

These types of affiliate advertising banners are against FTC rules unless they are represented by a real person who actually used the product and signed a document to that effect.

Because of the Federal Trade Commission’s crackdown on deceptive marketing practices,¬† all affiliate marketers using testimonials must now keep a record of the signed document for their files.

If you use a story in your affiliate advertising to promote a product or service, it also must be accurate and verifiable.

You can’t just say “results are not typical for ….” or “earn up to $1,075.57 per week in ….”; you must document typical results or specific earnings numbers and keep them on file to cover yourself.

Product review websites are a great way to promote affiliate products online unless you use PPC keyword advertising to promote the site.

The websites you often see with only two or three different product reviews whose only purpose is to sell the products through their affiliate’s link, are often the source of significant net salaries.

However, affiliate marketers using PPC keyword advertising like Google AdWords to promote the links, will be getting rarer in the future.

Google AdWords and other PPC companies are getting tougher on the content requirements of affiliate product review sites and are demanding that links point towards quality sites, rather than sites with only a few blog entries.

It’s perfectly OK to sell products through an affiliate link unless you use PPC keyword advertising to promote the review site.

Always link your online advertisements to content rich sites.

Of all the affiliate marketing advertising tips you need to know about, article marketing is one you should focus on and try to perfect.

Affiliates commonly create informative articles which in essence serve as an advertisement to get readers to visit their websites or affiliate landing pages.

This is done by including their website or landing page text URL in the author’s bio box at the end of the article.

Well written informative articles when submitted to the thousands of article directories online, act as advertisements that not only build trust with readers but will also attract valuable back links to your website.

By paying attention to these affiliate marketing advertising tips you can avoid unnecessary harassment by the FTC and be well on your way to earning significant  net salaries.

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