About Net Salaries

"Morris and Me working on Net Salaries"Hello, and welcome to my Net Salaries website.

My name is John Neila and I am a part time Internet Marketer making a living from this wonderful electronic highway we call the Internet.

My loyal friend Morris (the old cat pictured with me) tries his best to assist me whenever possible, which is almost always.

In order to make some cash in my spare time, I build and fix computers.

Like many of you, this economy has motivated me to search for ways to make a decent second income online.

The success stories of people earning huge net salaries is what initially attracted me to starting my own home based internet marketing information business online.

My prior sales background with a major Steel Company, my desire to help others new to the Internet start their own business, and the fact that I’ve always been a self starter with my other businesses, prompted me to start this “Net Salaries” website.

The goal of Net Salaries is to provide the information, mind set, tactics, and strategies necessary for others to succeed with whatever business endeavor they decide to embark on to earn a substantial net salary.

After working in sales for a major steel company for over ten years, owning two other successful store front businesses and running over 70 websites; I feel uniquely qualified to help others reach their goals as I continue to develop my own online presence with “Net Salaries“.

Since running any website is an exercise in time management and setting priorities, time will be devoted on Net Salaries to explain how to sidestep these and other pitfalls.

Cheers!  And, good luck building huge Net Salaries online.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by posting a comment or shooting me an email.


On January  16th of this year, I lost my loyal friend Morris.  As best the vet could tell, he was well over 20 years old.  The old guy had kidney problems, arthritis, was almost blind and was so frail he had trouble walking.

My wife called me to tell me she had to put him to sleep.

I’ll miss not seeing him in the driveway waiting for me to get home.