13 Search Engine Optimization Tips To Help Your Ranking

The 13  Search Engine Optimization Tips that are listed below will help you with your website ranking to drive targeted traffic to your business.

13 Search Engine Optimization TipsQuality net salaries are determined by the amount of visitors you can convert to customers on your website.

The more prominent your site ranks with the search engines, the more visitors you will be able to convert into paying customers.

These 13 Search Engine Optimization tips are the minimum required to achieve targeted visitors to your site.

  • Since your SEO ranking is impacted to a great degree by the title of your web pages, be sure to place the main keywords of your online business in the Title META Tag of your page.Use the “|” or “-” characters to separate keyword phrases.
  • Instead of targeting single word keywords, target “long tail” keyword phrases.Searching for a single keyword on the Internet will produce millions of un-targeted webpages in your search results.Focusing on a specific keyword phrase rather than a single keyword will produce fewer results but they will be much more specific and likely to attract visitors that will purchase your product or service.

    If your page is about “saltwater fishing for Tiger Sharks”, that is the keyword phrase you should focus on to get targeted traffic.

  • Quality authority site back links will help your ranking enormously.Submit your website to quality site directories such as DMOZ, Aviva, Yahoo, Best of The Web, Business.com, etc. to start attracting back links and begin improving your position in the search engines.
  • Blog commenting is another way to get quick links back to your website.When commenting, be sure that you post only to relevant blogs and to include a link back to your site using one of your main keywords or keyword phrases as your link text.Commenting to .edu domain blogs dramatically increases “link juice”.
  • Make sure to include the META Keyword tag in the HEAD section of the HTML source code of your website.Keep your list of keywords or keyword phrases to less than ten, so as not to dilute their effectiveness.
  • Once you get your website to the top of the search engine results page, you can keep it there by consistently adding fresh unique content.Initially, add content on a daily basis until you reach your ranking goal, then you can drop back to adding content every other day or so.Remember, Content Is King and the more content you add on a regular basis, the more people will stay interested and return to your site.
  • Keywords that other sites use in their text to link to your site,  are called Anchor Text.Anchor text plays an important role in how your site will rank for those keywords,  so when building links back to your site, remember to use them.
  • Using HEADER tags and placing your most important keywords towards the top of your page is also important to help your ranking.The most important keyword or keyword phrase should be placed using an <H1> header tag toward the top of the page.
    The H2 and H3 tags are used for secondary keywords or keyword phrases farther down in the page.
  • When building a new website try to get a .com domain name that includes your main keyword or keyword phrase.Dot Com sites with keyword rich domains usually rank higher than websites without them.If the domain you are trying to register is already taken, try inserting dashes (-) between the words in your phrase to see if that domain is available.
  • You can help the search engine “spiders” crawl the pages of your website more easily by interlinking your web pages.Linking pages of your website to each other helps the search engine spiders find ALL the pages of your site.Remember to use anchor text when linking pages.
  • You can also create a SITEMAP page for your website to help the search engine spiders and your visitors more easily find specific content on your site.Sitemaps are incredibly useful and can be automatically updated when new content is added to your site.
  • Another SEO tip to help your ranking is to use relevant alt image tags when you include images with your posts.RELEVANT is the word here.If  you set the “alt image tag” to one of the keywords in your content that has nothing to do with the image,  such as the design of your website; you could hurt the ranking of that page.

    When using the same image or keyword several times, vary the “alt” text a bit to avoid the appearance of being seen as spam.

  • Use relevant keywords in the file names of your html files and images.Use numbers or random characters for naming irrelevant images such as those used for your website’s design.

Using these 13 search engine optimization tips will definitely help your ranking with the search engines and drive targeted traffic necessary to earn substantial net salaries to your site.

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Successful Drop Shipping: Attention To Details Is Essential To Successful Drop Shipping

successful drop shipping

Successful Drop Shipping

Attention to details is important to all businesses, but it is essential to successful drop shipping.

Thousands of higher paying net salaries are earned by drop shippers from the comfort of their homes.

The most successful of these drop shippers understand that they are really not selling products; they are actually selling detailed information about their products.

Yes, there is a difference.

Merchants correctly evaluate their suppliers based on price, customer service, and shipping policies however; they must also consider product data that is furnished and how frequently the suppliers update that data.

Successful drop shipping requires that close attention be paid to the accuracy and quality of the product information that is being sold.

Although suppliers frequently sell the same products.  The product data they offer can vary greatly from one supplier to the next.

Although seemingly insignificant, close attention should always be paid to the small details.

For instance; some suppliers frequently include irrelevant categories along with the information that they provide about the product.

A product that is listed in one supplier’s paper catalog, is probably not relevant data that should be included with your drop shipping information.

In addition, different suppliers may have identical SKUs (Shop Keeping Units) for totally different products.

Since most successful drop shipping businesses use multiple suppliers, the bulk uploading of identical SKUs from different suppliers can cause some serious problems.

This is where paying attention to details becomes essential to successful drop shipping.

Data that is relevant to one product, can be easily overwritten with data from a totally different product when you bulk upload identical SKUs from several suppliers.

The problem is easily solved by simply adding a unique prefix or suffix to identical SKUs,  before you upload the data.

Adding a unique prefix or suffix to identical SKUs is an easy method of distinguishing between suppliers who use the same SKU.

Another important detail essential to successful drop shipping, is understanding the data listings you get from suppliers about active, out of stock and all other items.

If the supplied stock list is limited to active items, the supplier may have removed the out of stock or inactive items that are skipped when you re-import (refresh) the data.

Because attention to details is essential to successful drop shipping, you need to make sure that the format of your supplier’s data is consistent.

Otherwise there could be errors related to weight, price, availability, UPC codes, etc.

You can minimize these potential issues by paying close attention to the quality of data your suppliers provide you before using them.

Little things like the product weights, quality of images, item descriptions, etc. are all important and even if your supplier provides you with good quality data, it’s a good idea to review the information before uploading it to your online store.

When data is transferred to your online store, it should appear in it’s proper location with no missing values.

Remember, attention to details is important to all businesses,  but it is essential to successful drop shipping.

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Advertising Mistakes Can Damage Net Salaries

advertising mistakes can damage net salariesNet salaries are subject to many outside influences and making any of these advertising mistakes can damage net salaries very quickly.

  • The number one advertising mistake that can damage net salaries is not having enough information about your target market.

It always pays to know as much as possible about who is most likely to purchase your products.

Without this valuable information and knowing what motivates your target market, advertising placement becomes nothing more than a guessing game.

You need this information to know which “buttons to push” with your target audience so you can write and design effective advertising content that will convert with your audience into buyers.

Not having enough information about the people you are selling to will quickly result in lower gross profits.

  • Effectively presenting your product or service to your target market.

An ineffectively marketed product will cost you in gross sales.

You may have the best product or offer the best service in the world, but if you don’t market your product to your audience in a manner that grabs their attention or worse yet, have no ideas on how to present your product to your market, you are not going to get many sales.

The more you know about your target market, the more effective you will become with your markeing.

  • Targeting the wrong audience is a grave advertising mistake that can destroy your profits.

Advertising is not cheap, and when you spend a wad of money on an advertisment that targets the wrong people, you have a serious problem.

Again, it is extremely important that you know your target market inside and out.

When you spend money on advertising that doesn’t work because you targeted the wrong market, you have just flushed your advertising budget down the commode.

  • Poorly written and badly designed advertisements are mistakes that usually occur with newly created businesses.

New businesses are often cash light, especially in our current economy.

This fact leads to many business owners outsourcing their advertising campaigns to inferior or less than top notch copywriters and ad designers.

Professional advertising copy and design is extremely important in generating the desired response with your target audience and to achieve an effective ad campaign.

A sure way to sink an advertising campaign is to use poorly written ad copy and advertisements that look unprofessional.

  • Another advertising mistake that can damage your net salaries is lack of feedback.

Feedback is essential to all advertising campaigns, especially when you spend a ton of money doing market research and having professional copywriters produce a great advertisement for your product or service.

Offline advertisments are hard to keep track of and can be extremely expensive.

Getting the necessary feedback on how your advertisment is working in the marketplace is necessary for “fine tuning” or “tweaking” your ad.

If you don’t track your ads to get the necessary feedback; you will never know which ads worked or didn’t work.

Either way,  you could be spending an inordinate amount of money on a bad advertising campaign without proper feedback.

Although advertising mistakes can damage net salaries, they can be corrected rather easily when you are able to identify the problem areas.

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Ecommerce Drop-shipping For Small eBay and Amazon Sellers

Small eBay and Amazon sellers comprise a good majority of eCommerce drop-shippers and for good reason, they often earn outstanding net salaries.

Finding good drop-shippers that will work with small eBay and Amazon sellers can sometimes be a problem area.

Small eBay and Amazon sellers are at the mercy of the drop-shippers who have total control of the packaging and shipping of products that are sold.

A poor or unresponsive drop-shipper can quickly create a negative influence with your buyers when they don’t perform as promised.

Your customer satisfaction ratings on eBay and Amazon can be adversely affected to the point of having your account suspended or even closed by poor drop-shipping service.

You will quickly discover that your customers will place the blame on you, not the drop-shipper when a service problem arises.

Selling items which are not in stock also becomes a problem with small eBay and Amazon sellers when drop-shippers don’t advise you of correct inventory levels.

The disadvantage of lack of control for small eBay and Amazon sellers is more than offset by the advantages.

The elimination of risk, the variety of products that are available to sell, the fact that no up front inventory investment is required and the fact that there are relatively no credit restrictions required for the purchase of inventory all make drop-shipping extremely appealing to small eBay and Amazon sellers.

There are basically two different types of drop-shippers.

  • Drop-ship warehouse companies also known as aggregators, are the ones you see advertising online offering literally millions of brand name products for sale on the Internet.

    Drop-ship warehouse companies are basically middlemen who set up websites with items that are stocked in real wholesale company warehouses.  They do not actually have any products stocked in their own warehouses.

    These companies make their money from membership and handling fees.

    When you place an order with them, they place an order with the actual wholesaler and either mark up the cost of the item or charge you a fee for “handling”.

    You will find that the items that drop-ship warehouse companies generally offer for sale are already on eBay and Amazon, at or about the same price you can purchase them for from the warehouse company.

    Needless to say, it’s difficult making any serious profit dealing with aggregators.

  • Manufacturers and master distributors who drop-ship, actually warehouse their products and will generally offer you the lowest possible price for the product.

    Contrary to popular opinion, there are hundreds to thousands of manufacturers who will drop-ship for small eBay and Amazon sellers.

    Dealing directly with manufacturers and their master distributors will earn you higher net salaries and provide you with a more reliable inventory status, shipping schedule and better service.

Attending wholesale trade shows or just performing an in depth Google search will provide you with a list of manufacturers along with their master distributors.

To make the most money on eBay, Amazon or your web site, be sure to weed out the middlemen and deal only with legitimate manufacturers.

Ecommerce drop-shipping for small eBay and Amazon sellers is still a great way to earn a substantial net salary when you choose the right drop-shipper.

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