Successful Drop Shipping: Attention To Details Is Essential To Successful Drop Shipping

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successful drop shipping

Successful Drop Shipping

Attention to details is important to all businesses, but it is essential to successful drop shipping.

Thousands of higher paying net salaries are earned by drop shippers from the comfort of their homes.

The most successful of these drop shippers understand that they are really not selling products; they are actually selling detailed information about their products.

Yes, there is a difference.

Merchants correctly evaluate their suppliers based on price, customer service, and shipping policies however; they must also consider product data that is furnished and how frequently the suppliers update that data.

Successful drop shipping requires that close attention be paid to the accuracy and quality of the product information that is being sold.

Although suppliers frequently sell the same products.  The product data they offer can vary greatly from one supplier to the next.

Although seemingly insignificant, close attention should always be paid to the small details.

For instance; some suppliers frequently include irrelevant categories along with the information that they provide about the product.

A product that is listed in one supplier’s paper catalog, is probably not relevant data that should be included with your drop shipping information.

In addition, different suppliers may have identical SKUs (Shop Keeping Units) for totally different products.

Since most successful drop shipping businesses use multiple suppliers, the bulk uploading of identical SKUs from different suppliers can cause some serious problems.

This is where paying attention to details becomes essential to successful drop shipping.

Data that is relevant to one product, can be easily overwritten with data from a totally different product when you bulk upload identical SKUs from several suppliers.

The problem is easily solved by simply adding a unique prefix or suffix to identical SKUs,  before you upload the data.

Adding a unique prefix or suffix to identical SKUs is an easy method of distinguishing between suppliers who use the same SKU.

Another important detail essential to successful drop shipping, is understanding the data listings you get from suppliers about active, out of stock and all other items.

If the supplied stock list is limited to active items, the supplier may have removed the out of stock or inactive items that are skipped when you re-import (refresh) the data.

Because attention to details is essential to successful drop shipping, you need to make sure that the format of your supplier’s data is consistent.

Otherwise there could be errors related to weight, price, availability, UPC codes, etc.

You can minimize these potential issues by paying close attention to the quality of data your suppliers provide you before using them.

Little things like the product weights, quality of images, item descriptions, etc. are all important and even if your supplier provides you with good quality data, it’s a good idea to review the information before uploading it to your online store.

When data is transferred to your online store, it should appear in it’s proper location with no missing values.

Remember, attention to details is important to all businesses,  but it is essential to successful drop shipping.

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