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Making six figure net salaries online or in the job market requires motivation and a sincere desire to succeed.

Making Money Online

Nothing in this world can stop you from earning a six figure net salary or even more, if you have a sincere desire to do so.

The recognized income level that brings the most happiness to people is said to be $200,000/year.

Once your net salaries exceed this level, your happiness will begin to ebb.

The government along with 47% of the people who pay no income taxes, have the time to protest wall street and “big business” and who brazenly expect the “rich” to pay more of their “fair share”, will do their best to keep you from enjoying your money.

If you are now making over $200,000/year, I’m sure you have already formulated an exit strategy to hide from the envious 99%.

If you are not currently making six figures and still want to suffer the perils of wealth, you can read on and learn the basics on how to do so.

Here are some of the basics necessary for making six figure net salaries.

Sincere Desire

A sincere desire to succeed is often correctly referred to as passion.  Regardless of which term you use, it is an essential quality that you need to focus towards your goal.

Whatever avenue you choose to travel for your Internet business, will require a great deal of dedication and passion if you hope to succeed.


When things start to go south in your business and eventually it will.  You will need to believe in the depths of your soul that things will get better.

This deep belief is called optimism.  It is what drives people in the right direction and keeps them going when thinks look the bleakest.

Optimism, like faith, will make you do great things because you believe things will improve.

A mustard seed worth of optimism like faith, goes a long way.  Optimists always find the right direction.


Six figure net salaries don’t drop out of the sky, they normally require a great deal of effort.

I have yet to meet a lazy millionaire.  Long hours, little sleep and dedication all fall under the “work ethic” umbrella.

If you are a lazy individual without a good work ethic, short of buying a winning lottery ticket, you will probably never achieve a six figure net salary.

Results require effort.  No effort equals no result.


The more you educate yourself and the more knowledge you acquire, the easier it is to earn six figure net salaries.

The Internet is a goldmine of knowledge.  Even if you have had little to no formal education, the Internet can be a great equalizer.

Using the Internet, you can educate yourself on almost any topic under the sun or acquire a formal education if your have the time.

The more you know about your niche topic or market, the easier it will be for you to succeed.  Education is knowledge and knowledge is power.  You’re never to old to learn.


Charisma is a quality that makes others hang on your every word.

Depending on what type endeavor you embark on, it’s important that people gravitate to you.

People are naturally drawn to people who have a great personality.  People will “want” to help you and will “want” to engage in business with you when you are pleasant.

They will shy away from you if they detect a hint of malice or aggressiveness.

When you are decent and respectful to people, they will respond to you in kind.  With all the hate and bigotry in this world, you’ll find that embracing others goes a long way in business.


Along with a good personality, comes a good attitude.  When you have an “attitude of gratitude” people sense it in your personality and respond to it.

A bad attitude in any business stands out like a sore thumb.  It has a negative affect on how people treat you and will prevent you from achieving success in any business.

Outside of starting and running a successful Internet business, there are plenty of ways to achieve a six figure income.

Dockworkers make an average of over $100,000 a year and that doesn’t include benefits.

Most of our police and firemen make over $100,000 a year.  Again this does not include their pensions which are worth considerably more.

We all know that doctors and lawyers make six figure incomes and if that doesn’t suit you, you can always run for office and become a politician.

If you haven’t noticed, most politicians enter office broke and quickly achieve the million dollar threshold.

One guy I knew in the military married into money.  In his case, the girl was gorgeous but I wouldn’t recommend it as a long term venture.

Starting your own store front business in the right market will definitely earn you a six figure salary but until it gets rolling along, you might find yourself working a side job as well.

The best way to make six figure net salaries is to create a business online in a profitable niche market that has relatively little competition.

A tall order you say!  Not really.

Upcoming articles will show you how to do it.

Remember, if you follow the basics listed above, nothing can stop you from earning six figure net salaries except you.

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